Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What kind of a person am I?

Well rockabilly pinup didn't work out. Too fussy I think, so I asked myself, "Well, who _are_ you?"

And of course, I mean that in a pretty superficial style kind of way LOL I actually have a pretty good handle on my own inner workings for being such a mess.

I'm not a pincurl kind of girl, clearly.  But, I'm definitely a have-too-much-wine and cut her own hair kind of girl. (Seriously, I got up to whiz and came back with a lot less hair.)

I like heels, but when you take the shoe-leather express ballet flats just make more sense.

The red lips have to stay.

Maybe grab some black capris to go with my favorite striped shirt.

Yeah I think something might be coming together...


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