Friday, October 31, 2014

Pants? PANTS!

It shouldn't be this hard to find retro pants.

All I want are high waisted, retro styled cigarette pants, preferably with ankle slits, side or back zip.

Oh, and it has to be in my size.  
Like this, but on a fat chick. 
and what's my size? Well it depends on the store, the brand and the cut, but here is the breakdown. 

9-9.5 shoe

Even places that have cigarette pants, and carry my size don't carry cigarette pants in my size. 
Yeah pinup girl clothing, I am calling you out.
I can't even find a pattern in my size. 

This is going to suck. 
I haven't sewn in years.

Butterick B5895 if you're interested.
I guess I'm going to need to get a pattern, resize it and make some damned pants. 


  • I can get the pants I want
  • In the fabric I want
  • In my size
  • Having the pattern means I can make many pairs in different fabrics and colors
  • Initial Cost - pattern, tracing paper, muslin
  • A lot of work - resize pattern, make muslin, tweak pattern, new muslin, make pants if it goes well
  • I kind of hate sewing
Ugh, well, watch this blog for updates on the pants problem. 

Have a happy and safe Halloween all!


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