Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Are ya smokin' yet? and Ebay Stuff

Back when clove cigarettes were readily available I would smoke a pack or two a year. Well, recently, I found a place where I can buy clove ciggies online. I haven't ordered any yet, but I'll end up doing it eventually.

I like nicotine, but I LOVE ritual. It's part of why I love hookah, espresso and wine. So if I am going to start smoking cloves again I decided that I'd have to bring my own person aesthetic to it.

Behold! My ebay find!

 A vintage, unused,  meerschaum cigarette holder!  Meerschaum is easy to clean, cools the smoke and most importantly looks neat!

Now I just need a new cigarette case and some butane for my joker lighter!
My lighter is like this, only "well loved"
A detail shot of the carving.


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