Pants? PANTS!

It shouldn't be this hard to find retro pants.

All I want are high waisted, retro styled cigarette pants, preferably with ankle slits, side or back zip.

Oh, and it has to be in my size.  
Like this, but on a fat chick. 
and what's my size? Well it depends on the store, the brand and the cut, but here is the breakdown. 

9-9.5 shoe

Even places that have cigarette pants, and carry my size don't carry cigarette pants in my size. 
Yeah pinup girl clothing, I am calling you out.
I can't even find a pattern in my size. 

This is going to suck. 
I haven't sewn in years.

Butterick B5895 if you're interested.
I guess I'm going to need to get a pattern, resize it and make some damned pants. 


  • I can get the pants I want
  • In the fabric I want
  • In my size
  • Having the pattern means I can make many pairs in different fabrics and colors
  • Initial Cost - pattern, tracing paper, muslin
  • A lot of work - resize pattern, make muslin, tweak pattern, new muslin, make pants if it goes well
  • I kind of hate sewing
Ugh, well, watch this blog for updates on the pants problem. 

Have a happy and safe Halloween all!

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News, Rage, Whatever

Feel free to skip the rambling.
I'm still waiting on both pairs of shoes, which is really just as well since I'm trying to avoid going out in public and meeting with people right now.  You see, I'm covered in red spots.

Covered in spots

I'm not contagious, just itchy. . . and spotty and would really rather hide until the spots are gone. 

So when the shoes finally there will be pics, of the shoes, maybe with my feet in them. 

Stay beautiful! (and so not itchy)

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Well, assuming everything fits the shoe part of my capsule wardrobe is finished! (Hooray)

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The week in Review - FFS

I was going to post a bit about some gel nail techniques, but instead. . .

I go through shoes pretty quickly. I don't drive so the shoes I don't dance in, I walk in. A lot. So I tend to need new shoes every 3 to 6 months.

Someone make cute shoes last longer. 

My jeans just had a blow out. I'm now down to my fat pants and pjs.  I also ripped my favorite striped shirt earlier this week.
If this keeps up I'm going to have to walk around naked.
Naked and pissed off. 

I've already bid on a new pair of ballet flats, hopefully they'll last longer than the last ones. I wanted to spend my play money for the month on learning about pizza dough, maybe taking an art class, and out glitter gradient nails instead I'm going to have to buy clothes, not because I saw something cute I like but because I CAN'T LEAVE THE FUCKING HOUSE NAKED!!

Stay beautiful friends,

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Balance, where are you?

I'm just going to rant a bit about feeling anxious, so feel free to ignore this post.

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Are ya smokin' yet? and Ebay Stuff

Back when clove cigarettes were readily available I would smoke a pack or two a year. Well, recently, I found a place where I can buy clove ciggies online. I haven't ordered any yet, but I'll end up doing it eventually.

I like nicotine, but I LOVE ritual. It's part of why I love hookah, espresso and wine. So if I am going to start smoking cloves again I decided that I'd have to bring my own person aesthetic to it.

Behold! My ebay find!

 A vintage, unused,  meerschaum cigarette holder!  Meerschaum is easy to clean, cools the smoke and most importantly looks neat!

Now I just need a new cigarette case and some butane for my joker lighter!
My lighter is like this, only "well loved"
A detail shot of the carving.

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Return of the list

This is the list that I'll keep updated.

I know this new list seems long, but I've actually started on quite a bit of it.  I'll update this post as I start writing entries and taking pics.  *Last updated 10/26/14 - I'm fascinated by the idea of capsule wardrobes, so I'm combining shoes, accessories and clothes into 1 list. 33 items maximum.

Henna and Indigo to cover gray
Natural Hairstyles

Foundation/tinted moisturizer - Still Loving Urban Decay's BB Cream
Red Lips - MACs ruby woo, also going to try Fresh's Cherry
New red lippie - I'm in love with Urban Decay's F-Bomb
Mascara - Besame's

Capsule Wardrobe

Ballet Flats
Saddle Shoes
Low Heels - I have these in awesome comfortable black leather
I love my saddle shoes so much that I want them in black/white, pink, red and green!

Jacket - duffle or peacoat I have a red coat, may also get something shorter in plaid
Boyfriend button-up in White - Old Navy has something perfect
Sweater Black - Probably Old Navy
Sweater Grey - Old Navy
Sweater Red or Stripe - Torrid
Boat neck striped shirt - the black one is great, now I want one in red!
Capris - Denim - torrid, need to hem
Capris - Black - old navy
Skinny high waisted Retro jeans - torrid or pug
Cigarette pants black, spotted, plaid ALL THE COLORS - Old Navy has some great ones that just need a bit of altering.
Full Skirt - Knee Length, Black - pug
Wacky Modcloth dresses
Fleece tights
Cardigans in black, red, navy, and colors to match dresses and pants
Pencil Skirt - Black
Purse - I'm thinking pan am bag?
Laptop/computer bag - Skull bag fits my laptop
beret - black - I wear berets, berets are cool now
statement necklace - silver
statement necklace #2 - brass
big silver ring 1
big silver ring 2
big brass ring 1
big brass ring 2
belts black
belt red
Sweater guards

Stuff That Doesn't Count Towards The Wardrobe
Bobby socks
No Show Socks
New Underwear

Face & Body
Cold Cream
Witch Hazel
Rose Jam
Ro's Argan

Reading List
I have a massive reading list on oyster and amazon, but I find myself wanting paper books.

Hookah Stuff
Start dancing and zombie running again
Take photos?

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What kind of a person am I?

Well rockabilly pinup didn't work out. Too fussy I think, so I asked myself, "Well, who _are_ you?"

And of course, I mean that in a pretty superficial style kind of way LOL I actually have a pretty good handle on my own inner workings for being such a mess.

I'm not a pincurl kind of girl, clearly.  But, I'm definitely a have-too-much-wine and cut her own hair kind of girl. (Seriously, I got up to whiz and came back with a lot less hair.)

I like heels, but when you take the shoe-leather express ballet flats just make more sense.

The red lips have to stay.

Maybe grab some black capris to go with my favorite striped shirt.

Yeah I think something might be coming together...

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Why I disappeared

I'm going to keep this short because it was a craptacular year and I haven't really processed it all yet.

So this is how my year went down:

  • Mr. Ish no longer needs dialysis
  • Uncle diagnosed with cancer
  • Quit giving readings to help with uncle
  • Made new friend
  • New friend dies while I look on helplessly
  • Uncle dies
  • Try to start giving readings again
  • Can't get in tarot groove - It's like part of me is gone
  • Join Mturk to bring in extra cash
  • Another friend dies
  • Made two new friends
  • Kittens dumped in yard - they needed to be bottle fed
Somewhere in there a lot of dental work, not much sleep, and some general confusion about where I will be living next year. Oh and the depression made a comeback, but seems to be under control again. 

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I don't know if I feel this way because of the drug or because I'm pain-free for the first time in a few days.

I feel hazy
Surprisingly grateful
and completely in love with the world

I am the kind of sleepy you get when you've worked all day and finally get to crawl into bed.

It's a good feeling.

I hope I'm not in pain when I wake up.

I guess I won't be making fresh pasta tomorrow.

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