Need a haircut

I need a new haircut.  My hair is getting longer and normally that would be awesome, but I just wear it in a ponytail. Every. Damn. Day. So I'm thinking of a repeat of last years cut, with some of the bulk cut out, maybe a bit longer in the front and way shorter on the back and sides.  I'd go full mod pixie, but I don't think I could do that for myself.  

So let's cut ALL The HAIR!

Pls. enjoy these pics of last year's hair cut, which is way cuter than I remember. 
I hated this pic, but in retrospect I was fucking adorable!

Hair Sticking straight up.

One day, I will take a selfie where I look happy. . .and clothed. 

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Carol's Daughter Marula Oil Curl Therapy

I'm attempting to cram in some beautifying in between kittens and sewing up a pants muslin.

Usual disclaimer: I paid for the products, no one asked for or influenced my review. And really? Who would want to?

I picked up the entire Marula Line from Carol's Daughter, because, you know, curiosity combined with some latent product junkie tendencies.

I mixed together the softening mask and softening serum, put them in my hair and did a quick deep treatment.

I mixed these together. 
Twisted my hair up once I worked the product in. 

Another pic of me with crap in my hair. 

Sitting with a plastic bag on my head to trap some heat. Also, I look like my Auntie N in this pic. 

I used the gentle cleanser to wash my hair and followed up with the styling cream.  Normally I would air dry, but it's been a bit cool lately so I used a diffuser. (Rather than walk around with a wet head)

I'm actually really happy with the shape of my haircut.

The curl definition and softness is amazing. 
I'll let you know when I start to run low if I would buy this stuff again, but so far, after one use, my hair is AMAZINGLY soft.

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Day 1.5 sizing up the pattern

From Threads Magazine
Today I finish sizing up the pattern. I call it 1.5 because I spent a couple of days printing, taping and cutting out the pattern.

To grade the pattern I've been using the reference chart from Threads Magazine.   So far the pattern looks a complete mess LOL cut, taped, pen marks all over it.   I comfort myself with the knowledge that I have plenty of muslin and a bunch of interfacing.

 Both kittens are eager to help.

I know that this is just the beginning of my journey towards pants, but I am already uneasy and wondering if I'm doing the right thing.   I just have to remind myself that even if this goes spectacularly wrong that I'll only be out some time and fabric and that even failure will bring some sort of lesson.

...and if it goes well I'll have learned nothing, but will have an endless supply of cheap retro jeans and cigarette pants.

I think I just need to tell myself that this is a win-win situation.

Til next time,

Enjoy resized pants pattern. Oh, the glamour!

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Out of Tape! - 11/10 update

Well, I ran out of tape halfway through taping my pattern together, so I'll need to get tape before I can finish taping the pattern together, followed by grading the pattern and making the first mock-up.

This actually sounds nightmarish in my head. (I truly, truly hate sewing.) I just have to tell myself that I've devoted weeks and months to doing shit I hate, it won't kill me to spend a few days making pant. Especially since success means infinite, cheap pants and jeans.


*Update* I found a roll of packing tape, which means I can tape the rest of the pattern together, I'll probably still wait until tomorrow to do the resize.  There will be no pics of me taping the pattern together, b/c seriously, do you need a pic of me taping pieces of paper together.

It's my blog and I'm getting bored just thinking about it.

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Coming Attractions and Kitten Video

We sits on her and keeps her from blogging.
Also, I have never set the date on my camera.
Well, I've got stuff for pants coming in the mail, so hopefully I can get that started next week. Also, I'm ordering stuff to dye my hair tomorrow and picking up an armband for my new phone. (I have a phone! It's new! and it works! More things with exclamation points!!!)

My red spot have faded and all my shoes fit, now I have shoes, jeans and fewer spots I should stop being such a shut in.

And now for something I hope you'll *really* like!  A few weeks ago we found some kittens in the yard, please enjoy some of their mange-y antics.

Featuring a cameo by Mr. Ish, yelling at the TV because I don't use water when I make fresh pasta.


PS Can my new battle cry be, "By the power of Chuck Taylor?"

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