This makeover is actually pretty scary.  Every time I check something off the list I come closer and closer to no longer being invisible.

Being invisible is comfortable.
Being invisible is safe.

I do, and am going to do things that put me in public. I jog in public, people yell things and honk.  It makes me want to hide.  I'm terrified of how people react to what I'm becoming, what I will look like.

I'm working towards dressing in a way that will make it impossible for me to blend in.  I'm tired of blending in, but the alternative is frightening.  What if people are mean to me? (They've been mean before) What if they yell things? (They do that now)  What if I get stared at? (Let them look, I'm fabulous!) I usually do ok, I dressed kinda odd in high school, so I've attracted negative attention before, it's just that lately I haven't been feeling very brave.

I'm not changing anything on the list and I'm not stopping what I've begun, I just needed to tell someone how scared I get sometimes.


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BusyBusyBusy - List redux

Make the busy stop!

So now that I'm back up and running I can put together some stuff I worked on when I had no comp.  I took some pics for the lipstick trials (6 colors of besame lipstick!)  I still don't know what color I like, so I'm going to run them by mr. ish and maybe try some of MAC's Russian red, or Revlon which both seem to be a hit with burley-Q dancers.

I ended up repeating week 2 of the zombies run 5k b/c I had a touch of the gastro.  I'm on week 3 now and am thinking about maybe adding some other activity.  (seriously, I had a blocked cat, a dead laptop, and the gastro in a two week period. My ass is broke and tired.)

With all of that computer-less free time on my hands I redid the list and added more detail. I now present...

The Expanded List


Dye - I'm thinking Lush Caca Brun Mama since I'm way too lazy to mix indigo and henna.
Hairstyle - I still need to work on victory rolls and pincurls.  I'll need some bobby pins, a pincurl sculpture, a hair rat for faux bangs and maybe some cute flower accessories.  
Deep Conditioning routine - I'm starting to think that this may not be needed. 
No-poo, I'm out of it and Wen kinda sucks. It leaves my hair feeling all greasy and heavy.
Gel - I'm running low on gel, I'm favorite is devacurl's light defining gel. 


Eyebrow shaping and makeup - I've already ranted about the awesomeness of crystal and Benefit cosmetics gimme brow. 
Cake Liner, Mascara and Brush - I'm thinking of using besame's mascara for both the mascara and liner, and sigma makes a nice angled brush
BB Cream - I love naked's bb cream/ tinted moisturizer I just need to pick up a full size tube
Foundation and Powder - I'll only need this for special occasions so it's pretty far down on the list.  I'm pretty happy with bb cream
Red Lippie - I'm in the middle of trials to find the right color for me.  Red lipstick is a challenge, but man do I love it.
Making faces at the cat.
Lash comb - all picked out, I just need to pick it up. 
Neutral or pink lip color - I might test out some pinks, but I love Urban Decays xxx gloss in naked and carney.
Cream blush - for special occasions 
Facial Exfoliation - I do this twice a week, gently, with the baiden mitten
Rose water - the stuff in the grocery store with all of the middle eastern noms.  This and Noxzema are my favorite things to use to keep my skin clean. 
Complexion Spray - Urban Decay makes this awesome stuff that takes the redness out of my skin and feels soooo refreshing.
Teeth Whitening - I love crest 3d, but I may also pick up some go smile or try some of crest's other products. 


Pedegg, it's a cheese grater, for your feet.
Exfoliation - Baiden Mitten, nailed it!
IPL - I might try the elos me smooth for some hair reduction
Sunscreen (Unscented) - I really need this if I'm going to get rid of my permatan. 
Soap - Lush's turkish delight or rose jam mmmm
Lotion - If I pick the right shower gel this might not be needed. 
Perfume - none or my old standby Maybe Baby
Mani/pedi on a regular basis - Done, I need a new pedegg, but other than that, done and dusted. 
acetone - Picked it up last fri
Stiff brush for french manicures and half moon manicures
Rubbing alcohol - I am completely out
Pedi sock - I dream of the ones from bliss world, but tend not to spend on myself like that
Moisture glove - see above


Ballet Flats - I have a pair, but would like another 2 or 3 pairs :o
Maryjane heels - They go with ANYTHING
Pretty much anything vintage looking.  


I'm looking for pinup, rockabilly, vintage.

Things to do

Zombies, run! 5k - I'm on week 3. Maybe it's a cheat, but I buy myself a goodie every time I complete a week. Something foolish that I normally wouldn't buy for myself. 
Dance Class - Either Fishnet Follies or Bombshell betty
Drink more water - it's tough but I'm working on it
Sing more - I don't even sing in the shower anymore :(
Work on eye contact - Well I don't feel intimidated as often, but I'm still way to easily distracted.
Jogging outside is scary and makes my butt muscles hurt. :(
Stay beautiful!

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State of the Blog

Nothin' to see here...move along.

My comp was down and it took two weeks to get another one. :o  I'm also slacking off this weekend for my birthday, but the posts will start up again monday-ish.  Until then I do have a pintrest board that is the companion to this blog.

Until next time, enjoy this preview of an upcoming review of red lipsticks.

Stay beautiful!

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I went to Castro Valley today to have crystal of waxcraft shape and design my eyebrows.   My phone had died, so I didn't get to grab any pics of the place, let me say that it was very comfortable.   I snagged some before and afters.

That's all for tonight friends, I  am super tired.   Goodnight luvs. 


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Mojo is home! I guess we're back on

No pics tonight. Mr Mojo is home and doped up, he's peeing (I'm so proud!)Mojo will need to be monitored for a few days and pilled for a week.   

The vet bill wasn't as much as I thought it would be so the makeover is back on.    Thu. I'm going to exfoliate from top to bottom and take extra care with my feet.  I've gotten used to having girl feet. Both the mani and pedi are doing fine so I don't need to worry about that for another week or 2.   Friday I'm getting my brows shaped, I've already taken "before"  pictures, I may have to retake them as the lighting kind of sucked.

In other news , my friend "M"  is having some difficulty with eyeshadow so I'm going to try to take some pics or video of how I  load the brush to stop powder from flying everywhere. (Stay awesome M!) 

I'm going to try to keep these posts coming, but my laptop ac adapter died, I'm having one overnighted, but it looks like I'm going to have tomorrow off. :)

I hope to have interesting stuff going on over the next few days.

Stay beautiful!

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Isha Makeover Put on Hold

I'm going to keep my brow appointment for Friday, but after that my makeover list is going to be put on hold until I can pay off the kitty hospital bill.  Makeup and clothes are cool, but kitty is family. Family always comes first.

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Mr. Mojo is in the kitty hospital

 Mr. Mojo, the black cat. Is suffering from urinary obstruction.  The good news is that he'll live, but my little guy needs to spend a couple of days getting 24/7 care at the emergency vet. :(

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Too Much Spending!!!

Like this, with more boobs and less eye makeup. 
I went  a little nutty with the spending today. I picked up my hormone cream, ok so I needed that.  Then I bid on some cute shoes of ebay...well that's not too bad, I bid low and I'm not increasing my bid.   Then sephora, it's my birthday month so I get a neat gift with purchase, so I purchased brow gel.  It got excellent reviews, but then I saw if I added one more item that I would also get a makeup bag full of samples, well, you know how it goes.

Now if I stopped there, it would have been ok, but I bought Frank a new epipe and tomorrow I need to place an order for more eliquid, Wed. I'll probably go for lunch after signing the final divorce papers, Thu. is the food truck rally and Fri. is my brow appointment and OH MY!

Now before you folks worry, Mr. ish and I are fine for money, I just can't believe how free I've been with money this week.

Stay beautiful friends!

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Finished first day of zombie 5k.  I survived.  Today is the first day towards building my endurance so I can survive dance class.

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Baiden Mitten - Holy Shit it works!

It works! My skin hasn't been this soft since I was a kid! Ok so I stood under the shower for about 15 minutes, with the water as hot as I could stand it. If I had access to a tub I would rather have a long hot soak. No soap, no lotion, just water. Then I turned off the water, but stayed in the shower since it was warm and steamy. I made sure the mitten was wet and started scrubbing, up down and back forth with medium pressure. I kept all the movement slow and deliberate. 

Holy crap the stuff that sloughed off of be was disgusting, rolls of grey gooey stuff started to come off of me.  I was a bit rushed otherwise I would have scrubbed a lot longer, if I had time I would have gone until I was pink all over. 

Let me tell you, my skin it soft and a lot of the bumps I have on my arms are now GONE.  The skin on my face feels especially soft.  If I can find the time this week when no one is home I'll probably have another go and take a lot more time really going over myself.  I can't wait to see what it does long term.  If I get the chance I would love to follow a session with the mitt with some turkish delight from lush. 

Of course I'll continue to update on my progress. 

You can get your baiden mitten HERE. 

Stay beautiful all!

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Quick Mani Pedi Update

ugh before
 Since I've now used the Baiden mitten on my feet I've decided to post a couple of after pictures.

Mind you, to get my heels that smooth it took an hour of soaking and scraping with the callus shaver and most of the day using my diamacel #20 in between phone calls.

If you're interested in doing your own gel manicure they sell the red carpet manicure set at target.   Spring for the LED, I have both the LED and the UV lamp, the LED is waaaaay faster.
I have girly smooth heels now!
Serious fug
After! The baiden mitt evened out my skin tone a bit.

aaand a quick pic of my manicured hands
Polish is about 3 days old in this pic. 

Until next time, stay beautiful.

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Beauty Routine

Beauty Routine

I'm a bit of a lazy girl when it comes to grooming, but all the same I figured I would share my beauty routine.  I expect this post to change as I work on being more girly.

Hormone cream
Brush teeth
Wash face with rose water - I'd love to be able to use something else, but I have stupidly sensitive skin.
pluck stray hairs

Scrub scalp with no-poo (I'm a conditioner washer)
Soap and scrub
detangle hair gently with detangler comb
rinse hair and scalp
turn off water
work gel through hair
dry off

Floss - seriously, floss everyday
hormone cream
take pills
brush teeth
pluck stray hairs - I'm hirsute so I need to do this twice a day

Check pedi and mani redo or touch up as needed
exfoliate with baiden mitten

Stuff I want to add
IPL treatments
more consistent sunscreen use

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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Tooth whitening, Exfoliation, Haircut and plans for next week

Tooth Whitening
Seriously, buy some now, I'll wait. 

GET CREST 3D WHITE NOW.  At about 4.50 a tube I have already noticed a difference.  My teeth don't quite match the bridge, but the difference is *much* less noticeable.  I may follow up eventually with either gosmile or professional whitening, but that is just me being obsessive about the whole thing.


My Baiden mitten arrived today.  I'm going to need about an hour to soak, exfoliate and then rinse off the gross, so I'll try for tomorrow, but most likely I won't have the time til Monday-ish.   If it works I'll post some pics. 


I don't know if I like my haircut or not.  When I look in the mirror, I think it's the cutest thing ever and I look forward to having a slightly longer version of it, but when I take a pic of it I think, "I look like a boy, a dorky boy."  I'm still playing with styling and the part so hopefully it will grow on me. 

My Haircut makes me feel like

but then I take seflies and I'm all like...
I'm laughing at the ridiculousness of the selfie.
In all fairness I have a raging case of bed head in this pic.

Next week I start running and I get my brows done by the *highly* reviewed Crystal of Waxcraft.  I should also pick up some brow gel or something since I have a few sparse areas. 

Till next time folks, stay beautiful!

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