Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Too Much Spending!!!

Like this, with more boobs and less eye makeup. 
I went  a little nutty with the spending today. I picked up my hormone cream, ok so I needed that.  Then I bid on some cute shoes of ebay...well that's not too bad, I bid low and I'm not increasing my bid.   Then sephora, it's my birthday month so I get a neat gift with purchase, so I purchased brow gel.  It got excellent reviews, but then I saw if I added one more item that I would also get a makeup bag full of samples, well, you know how it goes.

Now if I stopped there, it would have been ok, but I bought Frank a new epipe and tomorrow I need to place an order for more eliquid, Wed. I'll probably go for lunch after signing the final divorce papers, Thu. is the food truck rally and Fri. is my brow appointment and OH MY!

Now before you folks worry, Mr. ish and I are fine for money, I just can't believe how free I've been with money this week.

Stay beautiful friends!


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