Thursday, November 28, 2013

BusyBusyBusy - List redux

Make the busy stop!

So now that I'm back up and running I can put together some stuff I worked on when I had no comp.  I took some pics for the lipstick trials (6 colors of besame lipstick!)  I still don't know what color I like, so I'm going to run them by mr. ish and maybe try some of MAC's Russian red, or Revlon which both seem to be a hit with burley-Q dancers.

I ended up repeating week 2 of the zombies run 5k b/c I had a touch of the gastro.  I'm on week 3 now and am thinking about maybe adding some other activity.  (seriously, I had a blocked cat, a dead laptop, and the gastro in a two week period. My ass is broke and tired.)

With all of that computer-less free time on my hands I redid the list and added more detail. I now present...

The Expanded List


Dye - I'm thinking Lush Caca Brun Mama since I'm way too lazy to mix indigo and henna.
Hairstyle - I still need to work on victory rolls and pincurls.  I'll need some bobby pins, a pincurl sculpture, a hair rat for faux bangs and maybe some cute flower accessories.  
Deep Conditioning routine - I'm starting to think that this may not be needed. 
No-poo, I'm out of it and Wen kinda sucks. It leaves my hair feeling all greasy and heavy.
Gel - I'm running low on gel, I'm favorite is devacurl's light defining gel. 


Eyebrow shaping and makeup - I've already ranted about the awesomeness of crystal and Benefit cosmetics gimme brow. 
Cake Liner, Mascara and Brush - I'm thinking of using besame's mascara for both the mascara and liner, and sigma makes a nice angled brush
BB Cream - I love naked's bb cream/ tinted moisturizer I just need to pick up a full size tube
Foundation and Powder - I'll only need this for special occasions so it's pretty far down on the list.  I'm pretty happy with bb cream
Red Lippie - I'm in the middle of trials to find the right color for me.  Red lipstick is a challenge, but man do I love it.
Making faces at the cat.
Lash comb - all picked out, I just need to pick it up. 
Neutral or pink lip color - I might test out some pinks, but I love Urban Decays xxx gloss in naked and carney.
Cream blush - for special occasions 
Facial Exfoliation - I do this twice a week, gently, with the baiden mitten
Rose water - the stuff in the grocery store with all of the middle eastern noms.  This and Noxzema are my favorite things to use to keep my skin clean. 
Complexion Spray - Urban Decay makes this awesome stuff that takes the redness out of my skin and feels soooo refreshing.
Teeth Whitening - I love crest 3d, but I may also pick up some go smile or try some of crest's other products. 


Pedegg, it's a cheese grater, for your feet.
Exfoliation - Baiden Mitten, nailed it!
IPL - I might try the elos me smooth for some hair reduction
Sunscreen (Unscented) - I really need this if I'm going to get rid of my permatan. 
Soap - Lush's turkish delight or rose jam mmmm
Lotion - If I pick the right shower gel this might not be needed. 
Perfume - none or my old standby Maybe Baby
Mani/pedi on a regular basis - Done, I need a new pedegg, but other than that, done and dusted. 
acetone - Picked it up last fri
Stiff brush for french manicures and half moon manicures
Rubbing alcohol - I am completely out
Pedi sock - I dream of the ones from bliss world, but tend not to spend on myself like that
Moisture glove - see above


Ballet Flats - I have a pair, but would like another 2 or 3 pairs :o
Maryjane heels - They go with ANYTHING
Pretty much anything vintage looking.  


I'm looking for pinup, rockabilly, vintage.

Things to do

Zombies, run! 5k - I'm on week 3. Maybe it's a cheat, but I buy myself a goodie every time I complete a week. Something foolish that I normally wouldn't buy for myself. 
Dance Class - Either Fishnet Follies or Bombshell betty
Drink more water - it's tough but I'm working on it
Sing more - I don't even sing in the shower anymore :(
Work on eye contact - Well I don't feel intimidated as often, but I'm still way to easily distracted.
Jogging outside is scary and makes my butt muscles hurt. :(
Stay beautiful!


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