Saturday, November 2, 2013

Baiden Mitten - Holy Shit it works!

It works! My skin hasn't been this soft since I was a kid! Ok so I stood under the shower for about 15 minutes, with the water as hot as I could stand it. If I had access to a tub I would rather have a long hot soak. No soap, no lotion, just water. Then I turned off the water, but stayed in the shower since it was warm and steamy. I made sure the mitten was wet and started scrubbing, up down and back forth with medium pressure. I kept all the movement slow and deliberate. 

Holy crap the stuff that sloughed off of be was disgusting, rolls of grey gooey stuff started to come off of me.  I was a bit rushed otherwise I would have scrubbed a lot longer, if I had time I would have gone until I was pink all over. 

Let me tell you, my skin it soft and a lot of the bumps I have on my arms are now GONE.  The skin on my face feels especially soft.  If I can find the time this week when no one is home I'll probably have another go and take a lot more time really going over myself.  I can't wait to see what it does long term.  If I get the chance I would love to follow a session with the mitt with some turkish delight from lush. 

Of course I'll continue to update on my progress. 

You can get your baiden mitten HERE. 

Stay beautiful all!


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