Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The List

I used to wake up in the morning *really* liking myself, but between the meh feeling, the lack of beautifying and giving up a lot of my hobbies I haven't really felt like myself. So here is the 'isha life makeover list. The list is in no particular order

Begin tarot readings again  Resumed reading full time 10/01/13
Get bridge fixed  Got this Fixed during the Summer
Eyebrows shaped
Hair removal routine
Exfoliation Routine
New makeup look - looking at red lipstick now, practicing cat eye later this week, got my color iq at sephora
Dance class - signed up and paid
Add weekly deep conditioning treatment to hair routine
Get in habit of sunscreen
mani routine
pedi routine
Find a soap I really like
Find a lotion I really like
whiten teeth to match new bridge
Drink more water
Learn the song "Strange Fruit"
Learn song "Bless the child"

The list will grow and shrink as I get a handle on who I was and who I will be.  So far a lot of this is superficial stuff, but that was the stuff I let go of first to care for Mr. 'ish.  I also wanted to add that I don't regret or resent a single second of last year, I would do it again in a heartbeat, but now it's time for me to get my girly on. 


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