Monday, November 10, 2014

Out of Tape! - 11/10 update

Well, I ran out of tape halfway through taping my pattern together, so I'll need to get tape before I can finish taping the pattern together, followed by grading the pattern and making the first mock-up.

This actually sounds nightmarish in my head. (I truly, truly hate sewing.) I just have to tell myself that I've devoted weeks and months to doing shit I hate, it won't kill me to spend a few days making pant. Especially since success means infinite, cheap pants and jeans.


*Update* I found a roll of packing tape, which means I can tape the rest of the pattern together, I'll probably still wait until tomorrow to do the resize.  There will be no pics of me taping the pattern together, b/c seriously, do you need a pic of me taping pieces of paper together.

It's my blog and I'm getting bored just thinking about it.


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