Friday, December 13, 2013

M's Face Stuff

M's Skincare Routine

So I have a friend, M, who needs a new skincare routine. M needs something that addresses her needs, is cheap, readily available, and won't add much time to her morning and nighttime routine.

I think I've got it. M this is for you.

What M Needs

Noxzema, the Original Deep Cleansing Cream - 3-5 dollar for a big tub
Witch Hazel - Any kind will do, I've seen it go for 1-7 dollars
Giant Cotton Balls -  They need to be the big ones and they need to be cotton. The synthetic ones don't seem to pick up any dirt and the small ones just mean you have to use 2 or 3 of them.  lfmf
Soap - Now I'm going to be picky here, most soaps suck on the face, but there are a few that seem fine for the face.  Pears, Dove beauty bar, ivory, dr bronners, kirks pure castile and MAYBE kiss my face.
Washcloth - any, I get the packs from the dollar store.

Now the tough bit, I'm not sure what kind of moisturizer to recommend.  If M's foundation has an SPF then anything that isn't too rich should be fine. (no history of sensitivity or dryness.)

In the morning 

Wash with soap and warm water. moisturize, allow to absorb before putting on foundation.  Seriously, that's it, just switch up the normal soap with something that won't strip the face.

At night, before bed, evening-ish

If wearing makeup - massage noxzema over the face using a circular motion.  This will remove the toughest makeup without drying out your skin.  Wash off with warm water and a wash cloth. Some people just towel it off.

Put witch hazel on a cotton ball, rub it over face, this will tone the face and pick up any dirt or oils.


That's it M. Your basic face washing routine.



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