Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lipstick Trial - Part One

Today I am looking for the perfect pinup red.  I had my color iq done at sephora the other day so I know that I am probably going to look best in something warm.  For today's lipstick trial I will be enlisting the help of Mr. Ish.  Mr. Ish will act as photographer and second opinion.

Enjoy my bad handwriting. 

I got some samples of besame lipsticks as my goody for completing week one of zombies, run! 5k, I'll also try MAC's Russian Red in another blog. Here we go!

1. Besame Red 2. American Beauty
3. Red Hot Red 4. Red Velvet
5. Merlot 6. Cherry Red
Besame Red
1. Mr Ish - too cool  Me: Too Cool

American Beauty
2. Too warm - first one was better Me:Too Pink

3. I like that one (at this point his eyes are starting to glaze over. So he's taking a break) Ok after break he says it's the right level of warmth, but too bright for my face, this is his favorite so far.  Me:  Warm, but not too warm, a little bright, but very vintage-y

It's at this point that I realize that 4, 5, and 6 are too cool and that I hate the texture of besame lipstick. My lips are super dry and the texture is just a bit more waxy than I like.  Next up I'll pick up some revlon and some MAC lippies to try.  I expected this to be the most difficult thing :)

Stay Beautiful!


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